How Monetizing Your Blog Is Going To Change Your Business

Today I am going to show you how to monetize your blog.

What is monetizing a blog: When you have a blog with posts on a specific topic, you can list products or services related to your blog directly in your posts with a link. This can be ads from ad companies, affiliation products or products you created yourself.

Strategies to implement today

  • Ad Placement (Adsense)
  • Affiliate Marketing (Amazon, Clickbank)
  • Building an Email List
  • Create a Funnel

Now it’s important that your blog is already established, meaning you have bought a domain name and it’s being hosted with a decent hosting company. I use Bluehost for all my websites and blogs because they are affordable, the service is excellent and they are partners with

If you are serious about monetizing your blog and turn it into a monthly income I would suggest that you go with With them you have more freedom to customize your blog with the free and paid plugins and themes.

Alternatives to are,, and They are more for casual blogging and you are more restricted when it comes to customization.

Blog Monetization Strategies

  • Ad placement
  • Affiliate marketing

Let’s start.

Ad Placement

With ad placement you will need different sources to have a diverse ad campaign.

Google Adsense. It is free to sign up with Adsense and you will start earning as soon as you put it on your blog and people click on it.

Adsense is very passive so after you put the ad on you blog you don’t have to do anything more.

The potential to earn an income from adsense is totally doable, but you will need loads of traffic coming to your blog posts.

Example: To make $100 everyday you need 40,000 Page Views/day Or, 400 Clicks a day @ 1% CTR and $0.25 CPC. For 40,000 Page Views you have to produce 500 awesome articles on your website. These pages must attract at least 80 or more page views everyday. 

adsense graph
An optimistic chart, but completely possible.

Where you place your ads is up to you, but there are a few guidelines to follow.

It all depends on your blog and the content. The most popular places to put an ad is in the sidebar, the top of the page and in the post itself.

The rule of thumb of placing ads on your blog is that your blog should look clean and only have a few ads sprinkled in. Having lots of ads will make your site look cheap and spammy.

I’m sure you ran into a site with lots of ads on it. What’s the first thing you do? You bounce, meaning you will not spend any time on that blog because it feels like the owner of the blog only cares about selling you something.

It’s like when you walk in a crowded market place in some of these foreign countries where every stall owner wants your attention to sell you their stuff, but everyone sells the same stuff.

spam products

Different types of ads

  • Buttons
  • Text
  • Banners
banner ads

When to Advertise

A big decision you have to make is when to start advertising on your blog. Will you advertise immediately after you created your blog or when you have thousands of visitors?

My personal recipe for advertising at the beginning is to place one or two text ads in a post. That way it’s not too distracting for new visitors. When you start to get 30 to 40 thousand visitors then you can put in banner ads.

Affiliate Marketing

The biggest difference between ads and affiliate marketing is that ads are a passive strategy with not allot of actions needed. Affiliate marketing needs some interaction between you and the viewer. You need to channel them to the affiliate link and convince them that it’s a good product.

How Affiliate Marketing Works

Find a reputable affiliate marketing network and sign up with them. The one’s I use are ShareASale and ClickBank.

affiliate sites

Amazon is another huge product affiliation company which everybody and their grandmother knows. You can suggest any Amazon product on your blog posts which people can purchase.


Look for products in your niche to put on your blog. The product must relate to the post you are writing and must be something you would buy yourself. Don’t buy crap you don’t believe in and try to sell it to others.

Once you have selected the affiliate product you can insert the special link that you will get from your affiliate program and put it into your post as text ads or banners

Pre Selling

To break it down, pre selling is about warming up the readers on your blog making them more receptive to the actual offer. Never send a reader straight to the offer. Write good content on a specific topic (niche) explaining why this is a good offer and how it will benefit the reader by having this product.

Building a List

What is it? A list is a grouping of names and e-mails that you capture on your blog or landing page from people that was interested in your content (posts).

Once you have thousands of subscribers in your list you can send out emails when you publish new posts or products. It is very powerful because the people on the list are already committed in a way to you and will be easier to sell to.

What You Need To Build Lists

  • Autoresponder: Sendinblue is a good email automation platform to start with. They have a free package that you can try.
  • Landing page: Leadpages is great for creating captivating landing pages to capture emails and promote your product.

Free incentives

When you try to capture an audience attention always give them good information and something for free, like an ebook or video series. Everything you do should benefit the potential customer.

Monetize Your List

Once you have trust with the leads that opt-in, you can start monetizing your email list.

You can put an offer right on the welcome email after somebody signed up and verified their email address. The sooner you give them an offer the more likely they are to buy it there and then.

How it works: You grab somebodies attention with a great article or post. They read the article and decide that they want to know more about the topic. They see your sign up form and a free giveaway and decide to enter their email address.

Your autoresponder will see the email coming in and will send them the thank you and verification email.

After the lead (person) click on the verify email link, your autoresponder will send out the welcome email.

On this welcome email you will have your link to the free guide you promised and your offer.

You can also decide to put the offer on a follow up email if you think you need to warm up the potential customer more.

Building a Marketing Funnel

Building a marketing funnel is probably not as passive as you would like, but the potential to make more money is very promising.

The secret is to funnel people from the affiliate products you suggest to your own product or service that you created yourself.

When people see the quality and how much the free ebook helped them, they are much more willing to buy your more expensive product or service.

sales funnel

How it works: Once customers are ready to buy from you, offer them an inexpensive product first (less then $20, but it depends on you and what you offer)

  • Software
  • Course (Webinar)
  • Ebook
  • Video course

This inexpensive product is good enough to help them with whatever they wanted to learn from a specific topic. This product should stand on its own in regards to helping people with a specific problem.

After the initial inexpensive product you can also offer a more expensive product. The first product might cover everything on a specific topic, but it lacks that little something. You can decide what that is and include that in the more expensive product.

For example: The expensive product covers everything on a specific topic and the customer will have a more personal experience with you. You might include contact details for personal one on one consultation, podcasts with industry leaders that they can access, join an exclusive members area, etc.

As you can see the further down the marketing funnel you can send a customer the more money you can make and the better the experience for the customer.

Well, there you have it, the basics on Monetizing your blog. Be sure to comment to get a full video course on how to Monetize your blog to get the full picture on this subject.

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How Does Fiverr Work For Buyers (A Quick Guide)

  1. Sign up on for free.
  2. Search for sellers on various categories.
  3. Choose the seller and go through his profile.
  4. Click on the Continue button.
  5. Click on the Order Now button.
  6. Fill in the requirements for the project.
  7. Sit back and let the seller dazzle you with their work.

Fiverr is a marketplace for selling and buying digital services. Sellers on Fiverr create gigs (services) like graphic design, voice over, website design etc. Buyers can purchase these gigs to help them in their businesses or private endeavors.

Once you arrive at take a moment to sign up, it’s easy, free and you get a 20% discount on your first order.

Now if you know what you’re looking for you can browse the categories on the homepage. You can also use the search box to search for categories. So let’s say you’re looking for a product, like photography, fiverr will display a list of gigs related to your search term.

To help you narrow down your search you can use the filters on the left to refine what you are looking for. Selections included are categorie, delivery time, country and budget.

Once you found a service you like click the gig to go to the sellers gig page. Check out the sellers gigs, the video or description. Fiverr also recommend using it to get an idea of what the seller offers.

Go through the sellers work samples and portfolio so you know what quality of work to expect. Decide on the different packages the seller offers and you will see which items are included in each package to help you make your decision.

If you can’t find exactly what you are looking for, go ahead and message the seller to receive a custom offer. Read the full description of the gig that the seller offers before you order as well as frequently asked questions.

You can also read customer reviews further down the page to see the positive and negatives. If you have specific requirements for your order it is recommended that you contact the seller beforehand.

When you find a package you want you can click continue within the order page. There is customized extras if you need to add anything to your order. Fill out the order requirements after paying so that the seller can get your information and that the order can start.

The order will start and the buyer will be notified when it’s done. You can also follow the progress in fiverr.

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How to setup a fiverr gig the right way (step by step)

5 Critical Steps On How To Use Fiverr

  1. A seller creates a unique gig (service).
  2. A buyer search for a gig and order it.
  3. The seller start work on the order.
  4. The seller finishes the order and sends the work to the buyer.

So how does the platform work anyway? It works by connecting a buyer – who needs a service and/or product – and a seller – who provides a service and/or a product.

Let’s explain that in detail with an example.

A buyer, let’s call him Ken wants to hire a web designer for his new website.

Fiverr is his choice among all the other freelancing platforms. Ken completes his Fiverr buyer sign up process and does a quick search for a web designer.

fiverr sign up

The search brings up sellers – Jon, Angela, and, Peter – that included Ken’s searched keyword in their gigs.

fiverr gig search

Ken decided to buy from Jon. Ken is an experienced business owner, he knows what to look for, so he fills out the order form and instruct Jon on the specifications that he needs.

He completes the form makes the payment of $5 and waits for Jon. The fund is deposited with Fiverr.

Fiverr sends Jon a message. “You have a new order”.

He views the order and the amount, but he doesn’t have access to the funds yet. He can only access the money three weeks (21 days) after he delivers the order.

When Ken is satisfied that Jon delivered as promised he confirms delivery.

Jon receives another notification which confirms his earnings, see image below.

Both Jon and Ken are happy campers and will probably work together again.

Step by Step Process

  1. A buyer orders a service from a seller and pays the amount of $5 (a fiverr).

As a buyer you should check the sellers experience, response time, gig description and comments. If it gives you a picture of professionality then you should be good to buy.

fiverr gig

2. Fiverr holds the money in their account. The seller can’t access the money yet.

When a buyer pays for a gig, fiverr will hold that money until the order is marked as complete by the seller and accepted and marked as complete by the buyer. The seller won’t run the risk of buyers not paying for the gig and the buyer won’t lose his money if the order is not delivered.

fiverr money

3. The seller gets a message from fiverr that he received an order.

“You have a new order”

4. The seller start working on the order.

fiverr order

5. The order has to be completed in the time the seller specified in his gig.

The seller must complete the order within the delivery time, if he can’t manage to finish in time he can ask the buyer to give him an extension. It’s good practice not to take on more than you can handle.

fiverr gig packages

6. The seller finish the order and mark it as complete.

Try to finish the order ahead of time if you can to impress the buyer. Over deliver.

7. The buyer will receive a message from fiverr stating that the order is complete and ready for review.

As the buyer you should give a 5 star review to the seller if the work you was done correctly. If there is an issue with the work you should contact the seller first and try to resolve it. 5 Star ratings are very important in fiverr and anything less than 5 stars will severely impact a sellers sales.

fiverr comments

10. The amount of $5 minus Fiverr’s commission will be released to the seller after the buyer is satisfied with the work and mark it as complete.

And that’s it, quick and easy, but it’s critical to follow these steps to have a awesome and smooth experience on fiverr.

Want To Learn New Skills Directly On Fiverr?

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Princewil E. Nwandire

The Modern Rules Of Content Marketing (A Blueprint)

Table of Contents
Chapter 1
– Developing Your Content Marketing Strategy
The Content Marketing Ecosystem
The Six Parts of the Recurring Content Ecosystem
High-Quality Front End Content
Provide an Opt-In Offer
An Email Onboarding Sequence
An Initial Conversion Opportunity
A Follow-up Sequence
Another Conversion Opportunity
The Four Parts of the Asset Ecosystem
A High-Quality Long-Form Content Asset
An Initial Engagement Opportunity
An Initial Conversion Opportunity
A Follow-Up Email Sequence


As a business owner, you know that how your market your
business is at the heart of your success. In fact, most aspects of
your business is dependent on you developing a successful
marketing campaign. You may provide the best services or sell
the best products, but if you don’t have a solid marketing plan,
potential customers would never know about it.

Today’s prospects are looking for useful information, but have a
strong resistance to the “hard sell.” Most consumers spend the
time to research services online before making a purchase. They
take the time to study different products, compare prices and
features before ever stepping foot in a store. They want good
content that helps them make a decision but don’t like being sold.
In fact, 70-percent of consumers would rather learn about a
company through an excellent article rather than advertising.

Compelling content can help your business build strong customer
relationships without resorting to the less productive “hard sell”
tactics. The content you produce showcases your expertise,
which gains consumer trust by highlighting important topics that
affect consumers. Well-crafted content can bring traffic to your
website and social media accounts, boost your performance on
search results pages, and give your audience the chance to share
your content with their friends, resulting in higher conversion rates
for your business.

Chapter 1 – Developing Your Content
Marketing Strategy

One of the most powerful arms you can add to your overall
marketing strategy is content marketing. Content marketing is
used to establish you as a subject matter expert, which leads to
an increase in your company’s revenue, as well as having a high profit potential.

However, creating content to build your audience and
create a successful business is not a fast growth strategy. It takes
months for the content you produce to grow into its potential.

Before you begin creating content for your business, you need to
have a clear picture of your business goals if you want to develop
a successful marketing strategy. This is especially true when it
comes to content marketing. It is essential for you to have a
consistent approach when it comes to the content that you are
producing. Having a regular strategy provides you with content
that keeps your audience engaged, resulting in them seeing you
as an authority on the subject. When your business is seen as an
authority on a subject, your audience is more likely to purchase
from you when the time is right.

For your business to see a return on investment regarding your
content marketing effort, it is essential that you develop a
comprehensive ecosystem around your central content platform.
Developing a complete system helps to leverage your resources
to help you grow your business, rather than wasting your
resources. For you to have a successful content marketing
campaign, it is vital that you see your complete content marketing
strategy as an ecosystem in which your content is a dynamic
medium, where your customers are involved at every stage.

The Content Marketing Ecosystem

The content strategy that you first develop will grow and evolve.
For your strategy to be healthy and productive, you must include
many different elements. There are two main types of content that
you will have to consider when developing your strategy; recurring
content and content assets. Recurring content is content that
builds your customer base over time, while content assets are
used as a near-term client acquisition tool.

When working with a recurring system, there are six parts that
need to be included to ensure a healthy ecosystem;

• High-quality front-end content
• An opt-in offer
• An email onboarding sequence
• An initial conversion opportunity
• A follow-up sequence
• Another conversion opportunity

The asset system consists of four parts and can be used on its
own or combined with the recurring system. The four elements
necessary for the asset content system to be useful are as

• A high-quality long-form content asset
• An initial engagement opportunity
• An initial conversion opportunity
• A follow-up email sequence

Here is a quick look at the parts that you should include for both
the recurring content system and the content asset system.

The Six Parts of the Recurring Content Ecosystem

High-Quality Front End Content

While this might seem obvious, all of the content that you create
for your company must be high quality. It needs to be interesting,
informative, and actionable
. You want your content to serve a
clear purpose for you and your customers. It is vital that you
correctly format the content and thoroughly spell-check it before
publishing it online. Set up a regular schedule for posting your
content and provide the best information on your industry on a
consistent basis.

Provide an Opt-In Offer

Publishing content on a regular basis will bring traffic to your site.
However, once the visitors are done with the material, they will
leave again. An opt-in offer will capture that traffic, so you can
continue to market to them once they leave your site. Opt-in offers
usually come in the form of a pop-up or a form on the site that will
provide an asset in exchange for an email address. Good opt-in
offers will include industry reports, white papers, cheat sheets,
educational courses, checklists, coupons, webinars, video
courses, or demos/downloads.

An Email Onboarding Sequence

After capturing a lead with your opt-in offer, you will need to
onboard them with a sequence of automated emails. This usually
consists of four to eight emails that educate the subscriber about
your company, shares some of your company’s best resources,
and encourages them to connect with you. This part of the
ecosystem engages them on a more individual level and
increases their investment in your brand, as well as setting their
expectations for their future interactions with your company.

An Initial Conversion Opportunity

After nurturing your leads through your email sequence and
providing them with valuable information and generously sharing
your expertise, it’s time to extend an offer. Your previous
interactions should have naturally led to this point so that the
subscriber is comfortable with the proposal and be willing to take
you up on it.

A Follow-up Sequence

Your initial offer will result in two groups being formed: those who
converted and those you did not. It is important to follow-up with
both groups. When following up with those who did take you up
on your offer you need to a) offer them an upsell or upgrade and
b) on-boarded to make the most of what they’ve purchased. For
those who were not converted you should a) offer them a down
sell or ‘light’ version of your original offer to try and get a
conversion, and b) put them into a new sequence that will provide
them with further value and education to prepare them for your
next offer.

Another Conversion Opportunity

Over the course of your relationship with each customer, you’ll
ideally want to make multiple offers. It is much easier to get a
repeat customer than a new one. This means you want to build
numerous in-systems that allow you to maximize the value of
each customer. Whether you set up an automated email
sequence or launch new cycles, it is imperative you have a
recurring sales system in place.

The Four Parts of the Asset Ecosystem

A High-Quality Long-Form Content Asset

Books, webinar series, web summits, and multi-part video
courses are all considered content assets. For a majority of
businesses, books are ideal, because the physical copy can be
used as real-world calling cards. They can be sent to potential
customers and leverage them into more significant opportunities
for your business. This can include interviews and speaking

An Initial Engagement Opportunity

This part of the ecosystem entails sending an invitation to your
prospects to connect with you on a call, participate in an event or
webinar, or receive a demo of your product. You need to include a
specific next step for the prospect once they’ve become engaged
with your asset that creates for them a real-time or one-on-one
interaction with you.

An Initial Conversion Opportunity

The initial conversion opportunity is simply making an offer during
the initial engagement with the prospect. Whether you’re talking
on a demo or webinar or talking to them on the phone, you need
to use the moment to invite them to take action on a specific offer.

A Follow-Up Email Sequence

Like in the recurring ecosystem, the follow-up email sequence will
divide the prospects into two groups: those who do not convert
and those who do. Again, you will need to follow-up with both
groups. Through one email sequence, you will onboard your new
customers and upsell them on your products, while the other
series will be down sold and placed into a different sequence,
making them more amenable to your next offer.

It’s critical that you have a specific guiding principle for all your
company’s marketing efforts. The principle will ultimately be what
guides your decisions and keeps you focused on the right things.
All of your content, whether you are producing content assets or
recurring content, needs to be focused on the five pillars
discussed in Chapter 3.

This concludes Chapter 1.

Comment Below and tell me if this article helped you in any way and I will send you a free **Content Marketing Blueprint Guide plus a bonus **Viral Marketing Madness guide.

Included in the Content Marketing Blueprint.

Chapter 2 – Finding Your Audience
Why You Need a Customer Avatar
Assessing Perspective
Assessing Capabilities
Assessing Profit Potential
Chapter 3 – Making the Right Offers
Developing the Right Offer
Get the Facts
Chapter 4 – Creating Your Content
The Five Pillars of Content Creation
A Word on SEO
Chapter 5 – Distributing Your Content
Utilizing Social Media
Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn.

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9 Actionable Steps To Brand Your Business Today (The Branding Formula)

Legal Notice

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1: Just What Is Branding

Chapter 2: Research Your Topic Thoroughly

Chapter 3: Let People Know Who You Are-Distinguish Yourself

Chapter 4: You Have To Have Some Kind Of Presence

Chapter 5: Networking With Social Media

Chapter 6: Use Videos

Chapter 7: Offer Training Courses

Chapter 8: Provide Quality Material And Customer Service

Chapter 9: Live And Breathe Your Brand

Chapter 10: How Not Branding can spell disaster


Branding is very similar to advertising, but at a deeper level. Branding is about encouraging a potential customer to seriously consider a product by the fact that the said product is uniquely different and better than its competitors. In the current “market place” where there are so many products to choose from, it can get quite competitive, thus attracting the customer to stay loyal or consider and alternative product is very important.

The Branding Formula

Today I’m going to show you how to use The Branding Formula to increase your revenue by 110%.

Learn How To Brand Yourself As An Expert In Any Niche And Profit Big Time.

Chapter 1:

Just What Is Branding

Getting the message across to the customer clearly and quickly is the first point to ensure, if the said product is to succeed in the competitive market arena.

Good branding styles will attract the customer base needed to ensure high sales targets achieved.

Some Basic Info

Good to confirm the credibility of the product advertised. If the product has a few competitors, as most products do, there is a need to ensure the customer is very aware of the benefits in making a particular choice. This is where the branding element comes in.

Being able to connect with a potential customer on a more personal level of emotional level is definitely an advantage. Therefore good branding styles needs to focus on making the sales pitch based on these sentiments.

As most products are displayed together, the product that has the most will probably make a better impact on the potential customer. When the branding message is firmly imprinted in the mind of the potential customer, this element will help to ensure the customer stays motivated to pick that particular product.

Ensuring the loyalty of a customer stays consistent, is another reason to ensure branding is part of the promotional style of a product. With constant changes and new products being available, keeping the customer focus and loyal is an uphill battle.

Chapter 2:

Research Your Topic Thoroughly

Basically this entails being as knowledgeable as possible, on a particular product or service.

research topic

This element is very important especially in the product branding arena. If a product or service is not well researched then the advertising campaign which includes effective branding styles will end up being inadequate and ineffective.

Worse still if the information used in the branding is incorrect or misleading, the negative repercussion can be phenomenally damaging.

Know All You Can

It would be wise to use the following steps as a guide to thoroughly researching a product to ensure accurate and effective branding styles.

Market observation and the eventual preparation of a complete portfolio on the product or service must be compiled. The observations conducted to understand the needs and reasons the potential customer chooses and uses a particular product is important to ensure this information is used to the maximum advantage in the branding exercise.

Having a hypothesis exercise conducted is another important feature required when doing research. This hypothesis exercise will ensure the relevant information is market tested both from the credibility and results achieved by the use of the product.

The effort made to conduct the hypothesis exercise is to ensure without any room for doubt that the information used in the branding of the product is solidly grounded.

Gathering the relevant data to help understand the product and its hopeful impact on the consumer world is important to ensuring the success of its salability. Armed with this information the branding team will be able to focus on certain aspects of a product and use it to the optimum advantage to gain customer loyalty and satisfaction.

In conducting a complete research exercise the assigned team would also look into the competitors’ success to understand the conditions tagged to its success. Only then will the research team be able to counter the competitors’ success with their own styles.

Chapter 3:

Let People Know Who You Are-Distinguish Yourself

Promoting services or products or one’s self is pretty much the same thing.

The only difference is in the style and type of promotion used. In order to be able to separate one’s self from the rest and stand out favorably there are certain ideas or tip that can be followed.

It is not something to be taken lightly if individual want to get ahead in their careers or life in general. Relying on the merits of self promotion in order to distinguish one’s self from the rest is sometimes the only thing that stands between failure and success.

Here are some of the tips to follow:
  • The ability to identify and add value to portray one’s self as an advantageous choice over others is important. This form of branding will ensure the potential client stays interested enough to enquire of the added value mentioned.
  • Making a presentation form the added value angle with total confidence is another attractive feature to practice. The confidence shown will not only act as a plus point but will also impress the potential client. However coming on too strong could have the exact opposite negative results, as the confidence element maybe misconstrued as arrogance.
  • Being able to “read” a situation or people and adjust the approach line accordingly is also advised. One sales pitch does not work for all circumstances. In being intuitive one is able to change game plans easily, quickly, and easily.
  • Target the right people. Don’t waste people’s time with irrelevant information if the matter does not concern them. Doing this is unnecessary and also shows the ill informed state of the individual.
  • Keep things short and simple, yet impactful. Being long winded with purposeful use of technically termed language can be very boring and annoying if it is not suitable conversation material for the listener.

Chapter 4:

You Have To Have Some Kind Of Presence

Everyone and everything has some form of competitiveness tagged to it.

In today’s ever changing and fast moving world everyone is trying their best to get ahead using as many ways and means as possible. For some using the media is one option worth exploring.

Get Your Name Out

In order to be recognized as an individual with outstanding or unusual or better that average qualities to present or promote, the first step to take is to reach the target audience quickly and effectively.

Finding the suitable “tools” to use for this self promotion to be a success is a necessary and important point to ponder upon. In identifying the right tools to use in order to reach the target audience, the path to success in being a recognizable entity is launched.

Most people tend to only bother or show some level of interest in the information or visual effects they are most exposed to. Therefore identifying the target audience one wishes to attract and then liking that information to the use of a suitable media tool will ensure the intended audience receives the self promoting information.

Smart media savvy individual will ensure they are constantly featured in the most popular media tools all the time. These tools may include the internet, blog sites, magazines, newspapers, flyers, and many others.

In creating the expose needed to stay relevant the individual is also engaging in the prospects in staying visible and encouraging others to be constantly reminded and aware of his or her existence. Going multimedia is one way of successfully reaching a wider audience platform. Using this form such as videos, audios and podcasts, images and others help to ensure the proper amount of exposure is garnered.

Creating the circumstances where questions and answers are entertained will also contribute to the relevance of the individual and also enhance exposure and popularity percentages.

Chapter 5:

Networking With Social Media

Using the social media tool to network is a new and innovative means of communication. This form of communication allows individuals to connect, discover, and engage in various activities available through this channel. However there are certain dos and don’ts that needed to be adhered to in order for the successful interaction to prevail.

social media
Today’s Communication

When exploring the social media forms to make new contacts one must bear in mind that being short and precise is the key to holding the interest of the corresponding party.

Long winded and uninformative style of communications doesn’t really encourage others to be interested to engage in building a connection.

Making the information posted as visual and as interesting as possible is a prerequisite in ensuring the interest levels of those targeted. Therefore having the mindset that less is more, is indeed wise when attempting to post information on the social media network.

Requiring a response of some sort is only natural but quite irrelevant and unnecessary. Though it may be thought of as rude or lacking in social etiquette generally people don’t respond if there is no interest in establishing a communicative relationship.

Therefore one should be prepared for the possibility of not receiving any response at all to the efforts made in the exercise of trying to establish contact. Hence the advice, to state only relevant information and then to restrain from badgering the recipient for a response.

Making points as clear as possible in a concise form is also another prudent style of approach to use. Overwhelming the recipient with unnecessary information is annoying to say the least.

Also if there are any requests or requirements needed, it should be stated early on in the communication and not left to the end. Avoid giving the impression of being needy; instead try to be confident in the communication.

Chapter 6:

Use Videos

Using videos as an effective tool in branding, advertising, and self promotion is fast gaining popularity in the world of media today. Understanding the importance of the media contributions to the success of any endeavor is indeed practicing wisdom at its highest levels.

Visual Aids

Although using video facilities has been around for sometime it has yet to achieve the recognition it is merited. Those who use this form of media for networking, branding and advertising purposes understand its particular advantages.

Perhaps one very important reason to consider using video as a form of media exposure is the fact that most of the world’s population today can relate to pictures and sounds.

Though reading the written word is still popular, a large percentage of media users prefer the visual form of acquiring the latest information as compared to having to spend time reading a fair bit of information to attain the same amount of information.

Besides being more pleasing to the eye, there are also a lot of other advantages that can be obtained by using video as a form of media communication.

The element of creativity can be explored without any inhibitions which may apply to the written word. By using video to get an idea or message across to the receiving party the creativity essence can be released, and this can take many forms like animations, projection filming, cartoon characters and many more.

All these contribute not only to the intensity of the intended message or idea, but also cater ideally to the interest of the current media savvy group of people.

From an eco friendly point of view, using video as a style of media presenting tools, the conservation of raw materials often used for advertising, branding, and self promotions can be decreased considerably. In adopting this method of media coverage the individual shows a lot of wisdom.

Chapter 7:

Offer Training Courses

Sometimes in order to get the relevant information across to the public there is a need to take a further step in the media arena. This step taken is to provide the necessary training in any field connected to or in encouraging the use of the said product, service, or expertise in a particular field.

Offer Courses

When there is a launch of a new product that requires an in depth understanding of the uses and advantages of the product, the best way to encourage its use if through providing training courses. These training courses will allow the individual to learn about and be confident of the various uses of the product.

Training courses are also encouraged to help the individual be more confident in using, promoting, or simply taking about the product. It also encourages the individual to contribute by asking questions and satisfying all curiosity. Sometimes questions and scenarios can be put forth to further enhance the product and its chosen media coverage choice.

For the individual considering exploring this form of media communication, the use of the correct “tools” is also important. The level and consistency of the promotional material can be standardized, while its quality control can be monitored.

Training courses are currently offered for almost anything and is really quite accessible and affordable. When an individual has acquired these important bits of information through the training courses then they can impart this information to others.

Training courses are also a useful way of keeping abreast with the latest information and skills available. This will enable the individual to apply the newly learnt skills to the advantage and success of any chosen endeavor.

Through the success levels taught to achieve in the training courses, the course frame work also indirectly promotes the skills of the trainer for further branding and advertising purposes.

Chapter 8:

Provide Quality Material And Customer Service

As in any field, branding, advertising and media also follow similar guide lines to ensure its success levels. In order to have consistent success the issue of good quality material and customer service must be adequately addressed.

Do It Right

Good customer service is vital to creating a successful business environment. When potential customers are assured that they can and will get good service after the purchase of a product, the sale is much smoother and easier. Today customers want to be assured that there is still a relationship between the seller and buyer if and when there are issues that need to be addressed.

Making a sale is no longer the be all and end all of a customer and sales person contact. In promoting the customer service angle, a potential customer is shown the depth of the commitment practiced by the selling party.

Customers are more likely to purchase a product that have a good customer base service provider tool. More so today this particular feature is becoming almost a prerequisite for most customers.

Because of the vast variety of products available today, customers are becoming a more discerning bunch. Therefore the quality of the merchandise plays an important role as the deciding factor for the purchaser.

Taking the extra step to provide for all possible levels of quality ensure the success of the product sold. With the good quality elements tagged to the product or service, the chances of a new customer base is very good, as the old customers will indirectly promote the merits of the product. This type of promotion in invaluable to the success of any product and cannot be bought at any price.

Another advantage of providing quality material is that the integrity of the product and company promoting the product is maintained at its highest levels. Therefore any new ventures the said company decides to explore will be met will an eager and loyal customer base.

Chapter 9:

Live And Breathe Your Brand

One way of ensuring the confidence and loyalty of potential customers is to utilize the product sold personally. When potential customers see the personal confidence placed on the product because of the personal use angle they will be more eager to try the product.

Get Involved

Also by using the product personally, one can confidently attest to its advantages and play down the disadvantages without seeming dishonest.

Personal experiences are always an invaluable element to inject into a sales pitch. In seeing the actual physical use and results of the product the potential customer is more likely to try the product with a more confident mind set, and therefore subconsciously adding to the success rate of the desired effects.

By encouraging all those involved in promoting the product to first be a user of the product the wisdom behind this thinking is that the style and demeanor applied during the sales pitch would be more convincing when compared to someone who does not use the product personally before attempting to sell it.

Also when the individual attempting to sell the product is already a user, it enables him or her to answer any questions about the product confidently and fairly accurately when questioned by a potential customer.

It is also a learning and discovering process for the user. Other advantages may be learnt and so contributing to the further enhancement towards the features of the said product.

From an advertising angle, using the product personally can also contribute to the making of a more realistic based advert.

The branding element will have added power behind the exercise if the fact is prominently advertised that the said product is used and happily accepted by its sellers. This kind of “free” advertising is similar to if not actually endorsing the capabilities of a product to its best advantage.

Chapter 10:

How Not Branding Can Spell Disaster

Because of the high costs incurred in the branding exercises a lot of companies shy away from using this method when reaching out to potential customers. The cost of a branding exercise also affects the final price of the said product.

What You Need To Know

Not branding a product is also not the best of ideas as there are a lot of relating factors that can cause the loss of potentially huge customer bases.

Branding contributes to the strength of the product in the market place where there is probably a variety of other products touting the same advantages in their products too. Therefore by using the branding method to capture the awareness of the potential customers, wisdom is shown, as it undoubtedly creates the brand presence in the target’s mind.

To ensure the positive perception of the quality of the product, one needs that advantage to using branding. When the target customer base is focus on the advantages portrayed in the branding exercise, it is more than likely the potential customer will end up choosing the said product when the comparison is made to other limitedly or non existence of the branding element.

Disaster is very likely in terms of garnering the loyalty factor if branding is not used. With successful branding styles the seller is able to bank on the repeat behavior pattern of the customer base. This in turn will ensure long term success of the product with repeat usage and sales.

Wrapping Up

When branding is not used, and there are no loyalties fostered or involved, the emotional bonds that could possibly tie the customer to the product would be nonexistent.

Thus, causing a considerable amount of loss to the seller. Most successfully touted products use branding to suggest a certain image that would appeal to the potential customer.

The image portrayed by the branding exercise may encourage the customer to consider that particular product more favorably.

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How To Promote Your fiverr Gig Effectively In 2019 (10 Pro Methods)



How To Promote Your Fiverr Gig Effectively In 2020 (10 Pro Methods)

fiverr portfolio

Today I’m going to show you exactly how to promote your Fiverr gig.

It’s really hard to get started in Fiverr when you have no reviews that buyers can measure you on.

In fact, this is the same process that helped top rated fiverr sellers to rank #1 from when they started out. The same process I’m following now.

Let’s get started.

  • Diversify your portfolio
  • Use friends.
  • Create a YouTube channel.
  • Create a Blog.
  • Social media
  • Forums.
  • Find your niche.
  • Build your brand.

Diversify Your Portfolio

If you’re struggling to get views it might be because you have only one or two active gigs in your portfolio.

It is a good idea to diversify your portfolio and create multiple gigs that falls in the same category, for example; classic logo design and retro logo design.

Both are logo design techniques, but they might resonate with different people.

fiverr gig heading

The pros on fiverr usually cast a wide net to catch more fish and it’s still the best way in promoting your fiverr gig effectively in 2019.

By having lots of slightly different gigs you will quickly see which ones are not working by checking the clicks and views in the gig tab. If one of your gigs gets more sales than the other gigs than recreate that gig over and over.

Another excellent strategy to use is upselling your basic package gig ($5) and make it an extra on one of your medium or premium packages which is a good cross promoting factor.

fiverr gig steps

Use Your Friends On Social Media

Everybody has friends and those friends have friends also.

social media

Ask your friends to support you by telling everybody they know about your gigs. NB >> Personal or social media friends are the best promoters you will find.

Social Media Engagements

Interacting on social media works the same as commenting on blog posts and forums.

This is a manual process where you have to be active in the relevant groups you get on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin.

If your gigs are still new you are going to need lots of engagements. Contact the group admins and let them know that you can contribute to the group with your expertise.

Just remember not to be that cheap salesman. You are in the group to help others with their problems they are having.

Creating A Blog

  • Target Potential Clients

Decide who your audience is so that you can speak to them directly. Your blog posts are there to answer a question that people are searching for.

If you can help people by answering their questions and guiding them you will establish your name and they will start buying your product or service.

Your blog is there to give the relevant information about your service, but don’t make the mistake to sell yourself constantly.

  • Develop a Community

You can grow a community around the service you provide by communicating with people. Commenting and sharing is a great way to establish rapport. Nurture the clients that you have because they are your best promoters.

  • Leave Comments On Other Blogs

You can comment on blogs that are related to yours. When you leave a relevant and helpful comment, people will see you as an authority figure over time.

It is a great way to funnel potential client to your blog and ultimately your product or service.

Be sure your comment is relevant and do not put your blog or link in the comment. You will look like just another cheap salesman.

Ask the blog owner if you can link to your blog.

Posting On Relevant Forums

Posting on forums is almost like commenting on other blogs. Only post on relevant and high quality forums.

Forums can be the best place to get answers directly from experienced users like on the Fiverr forum.

Establish yourself as an authority figure and help people with their questions by giving them the best answer you can.

Quora Questions And Answers

Quora is a great way to answer questions people have. You can establish yourself as an authority figure in specific topics and send people (traffic) to your blog where you can sell your services to them.

quora forums

Golden rule is to try to answer the questions the best you can even if you have little knowledge about the subject, try to figure it out and tell people that your learning this with them.

Creating A YouTube Channel

Example channel

YouTube is a great platform to promote your services (gigs). You will lose out on allot of traffic if you skip this step. People like to watch videos more than reading how to guides.


Create a simple but informative how to video about your services on fiverr where you explain your gig and the benefits the client will receive once they buy it.

Remember, always try to answer questions people have and you will earn respect in your field.

Finding Your Niche

Creating a niche for yourself is more important than ever before. Fiverr’s main categories are very saturated.

Find your target group (audience) and see what they are asking for, look at their questions.

google search box

Go to google and type in your keywords about your service and look at the suggestions. These suggestions are search terms people type into Google to find an answer.

You can create your niche by looking at these google suggestions.

Look at the pages showing up when you searched for those keywords. Does it answer the question fully? Can you answer it better by writing a blog post about it and then send people to your gig?

Branding Your Fiverr Business

Once you figured out what your niche will be, you have to look at branding your business, your product or service.

branding fiverr business

Branding is important to show people that you’re a professional or very experience in your field.

Decide on the looks of your brand and design it. If you can’t design it yourself, you can outsource it on fiverr.

Put your brand on everything you own, for example:

  • Your Website or blog.
  • Your social media (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin).
  • Business cards.

Make it look professional to establish confidence in clients of your abilities.

Your brand is you, the way you design, write, comment, your likes and dislikes etc. People will get a feel about you whether it’s looking at your blog or reading something you have written. Make sure your brand is about you and your abilities and skills and you will do fine building your business.

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How to audit your fiverr gig to make money in 2019.

How to set up your fiverr gig the right way (step by step).

9 Actionable Steps To Brand Your Business Today (The Branding Formula)


Today I’m going to show you exactly how to audit your fiverr gig.

In fact, this is the same process that helped top rated fiverr sellers to rank #1 from when they started out.

And I should point something out:

This is a non technical guide.

You don’t need technical skills like seo auditing to setup the perfect gig.

Let’s dive right in.

  • Create your fiverr account.
  • Create your first gig (7 gigs for new sellers).
  • Optimize your gig (keywords, headings, description, graphics, video).


Discover the world of and watch your profits soar!

  • For $5.00, you can purchase a service — gigs you never thought you could buy for such a low price that can make you lots of money!
  • For $5.00, you can sell a service — advertise a product or service (yours or someone else’s) and let customers give you money! (Lots of it.)

Know how to create a cover for an e-book? Sell that service for $5.00.

Just for the record…the intention of this special report is to show you tips, techniques, and tricks that will jump start your money making efforts.

HOWEVER, everything presented in this guide is legal, ethical, and will not get you in trouble when you implement some or all of the strategies presented here for making boatloads of cash!


Our first task is to create an account on

Step 1. Open your account on Fiverr.

You should see the home page of the site that looks similar to the following screenshot.

Step 2. At the top of the page on the far right side, click the word Join. The following pop-up box will be displayed.

Step 3. Fill in the fields for Email (a), Choose Username (b), ChoosePassword (c), and Are You Human (d)? Next, read and accept the terms of service (e) , and then click the Join button.

Step 4. Now you will see a page displayed with a message that says,

―Activation link was emailed to you.

Step 5. Open your email account (the one that you just provided during the sign-up phase), and then open the message from that has a subject line that reads, Fiverr: Registration Confirmation.

Step 6. Click the confirmation link inside the email message.

Step 7. If you followed these instructions exactly, then you should be taken to a page on that says, ―Account successfully activated. Hey, this is a great time to edit your profile.”

Step 8. Now that your account has been set up, make sure that you store your user name, password, and the email you used for in a safe place. Most important is to remember your login information, which will allow you to gain access to your account the next time you’re online.

Congratulations! You’ve just completed the registration and sign-upprocess for Welcome aboard the site for success!

NOTE: Make sure to fill in all the fields in your Profile, including a picture of yourself or a graphic image that’s appropriate for your account. The editors at will promote you and your ads only when your profile has all the blanks filled in.

Now let’s explore numerous tips and tricks for creating a powerful ad that will draw people like magnets to the ―gig you’re selling.


Whether you’re in the market to pick up an extra hundred dollars this month, or if you’re looking at as a means for generating a monthly income, it’s absolutely essential to create an ad that will draw buyers to your gig.

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Attract attention to your ad by creating a high-quality digital image that’s related to the content of the gig you’re selling. Make the image colorful, vivid, and expressive. Don’t use small lettering. Choose a clearly visible image. It should stand out and draw the customer’s eye to the photo more than any other images on the page. Here’s an example of images that draws a lot of buyers.

fiverr gigs

Here’s an example of a poor quality image that doesn’t really represent or say anything about the gig being offered:

NOTE: If you don’t take the time to choose a clear and colorful image for your ad, you most likely will not make many sales. Images are very important. Customers are time-conscious, and will often scan the page, just looking for something that attracts them.

Again, your goal is not to spend money before you make money. But, if you’re not good at creating or selecting powerful images, then hire someone at fiverr to create five images for you for $5 (one image for each gig you’d like to offer).

2. Add keywords to the listing for your ad. This is important, too. On fiverr, they include the listing titles in a unique URL. This provides search engine optimization (SEO) benefits to each ad that you place on the site.

This also increases the number of views that you will receive for your gigs. The more views you receive usually goes hand-in-hand with more sales.

In addition, when you drive traffic to your ad through various methods (we’ll dig into that later), you will be using your unique URL that contains your keywords. Bingo! Someone typing in a keyword on a search engine just might land on your keyword-rich fiverr ad.

(That’s one of the goals!)

3. Create a clear title and description of your gig. Write a thorough and easy to understand description for each gig. If you’re unsure about how to write your title, search for other advertised gigs that are generating a lot of thumbs-up and comments from happy customers who have purchased a similar item.

You can check out my post on how to setup a fiverr gig the right way for a quick reference on gig setup.

Don’t plagiarize, meaning don’t steal their ad copy word for word. But take time to see how other successful ads were written, and then create a similar ad.

If copywriting is not one of your skills, then purchase a gig for $5 and have someone write 3 titles and 3 ad descriptions for you, using the keywords that you provide.

fiverr gig heading
fiverr gig description

4. State a realistic amount of time to deliver the product. Be accurate when stating the length of time it will take you to deliver the product or service to the buyer.

Get this wrong, and the negative comments will affect your ability to sell that gig in the future. But be realistic. If you’re backlogged with orders, put it in your ad that you’ll deliver within 2-3 days, or however long it will take you. Just make sure you deliver the product in the time frame you indicated in your ad.

5. Provide clear instructions to the buyer. If you do this correctly, it will save you hours of answering unnecessary emails from customers. Tell them exactly what they must do, how they should do it, and what they can expect. Then, if you do receive the same questions repeatedly, add another sentence or two in your instructions on the site.

The good part about using the ―Instructions to the Buyer feature is that their order is not finalized and submitted to you until the buyer has provided all the information you’ve requested.

fiverr gig requirements

The time it takes you to deliver the product or service does not include the time it takes the buyer to provide the information. You receive the order only AFTER the buyer has filled in the requested information.

NOTE: One of your goals, besides making more money, should be to process your fiverr orders within 5 to 10 minutes. This is how you will make the most money.

Yes, you might have to prepare a report or an e-book in advance, but then you can sell it over and over again.

The same is true when providing instructions to the buyer; you don’t want to continue spending 10 minutes answering questions for every person who buys something from one of your ads. When your instructions are clear and thorough, your transactions will be quick, and your customer will be happy.

6. Create a video to introduce your gigs. In the next chapter you’ll learn instructions for creating your own video.


Gig Videos is a bonus feature offered by It allows you to communicate with potential buyers through a video that you create and display along with your ad.

You can introduce yourself, talk about the service offered in the ad, and the benefits you provide.

In addition, using a Gig Video will definitely increase the exposure to your gig, not only on fiverr, but in the search engines as well.

After you add a video to your gig, your ads will display a play button, which encourages visitors to click on it.

fiverr video
fiverr video

In addition, you can use YouTube to promote your fiverr videos. Again, since Google owns YouTube, there’s a good chance that your fiverr video will be shown on page 1 of Google for your selected keyword.

Adding video to your gigs brings more traffic to your ads. More traffic results in more sales. More sales bring you more money.

According to, the following steps are listed on their site for adding a gig video.

How to Add a Gig Video

Adding a video to your gig is super simple. You either do that while creating a new gig, or just use the Add Video button in your My Gigs screen.

5 Steps to Add a Gig Video

  1. Record your video.
  2. Upload the video file (up to 50MB).
  3. Once your video is approved it will be available for public viewing.
  4. That’s it!
fiverr gallery


Let’s take a look at how other people have made their money after implementing a few simple strategies on This is what you can do, too.

  1. Create a simple (free) blog with photos that has ONE unique purpose with universal appeal. Then create a page on your blog dedicated to shout outs. What is a shout out? It is a two-sentence advertisement with a web site link that advertises a product or service. Where do you get the shout outs from? People pay you $5 on so they can advertise their product or service as a shout out on your site.
  2. Create a product that takes less than 10 minutes (consider an audio recording of you talking about a subject you’re an expert in) and sell it on fiverr for $5.
  3. Create an e-book cover graphic that takes less than 10 minutes and sell it on fiverr for five dollars.
  4. Create a 10-page report on how to do something. Sell the report over and over again on fiverr.
  5. After selling 10 reports as mentioned in number four above, take your profits, and create a Warrior Special Offer (WSO) on the Warrior Forum ( Stop selling the report on fiverr (WSO rules dictate that the price for a WSO must be cheaper than the general public at large can acquire the report) and sell the report to the first 25 buyers for $5 (which is more than you’ll make on fiverr). Sell the report to the second 25 buyers for $7.50 or $10.
  6. Buy a service on from a writer who will create three articles for you. Then create a new gig and sell two of those articles for five dollars. Put the third article into several article directories with back links to your account. Sell each article for $5 each.
  7. Choose a topic that you have a lot of knowledge about and create three, one-page ―How-To reports. Sell the three reports on for $5.
  8. Expand the topic that you just created in item above, and sell one of those reports for $5.
  9. Take a digital photo of a landmark in your town. Now take more pictures in the surrounding area close to where the landmark is located. Sell those five photographic images for five dollars.
  10. Find a gig offered on fiverr that will create a 3-minute video presentation of your business for you and have them post it on YouTube for just $5. This is very cost-effective, considering the quality of the video. Of course, you have all the rights to the video, which means you can promote the video wherever you like.
  11. Use fiverr as a promotional vehicle for your brand.
  12. Use fiverr as a portfolio to showcase your products and services.
  13. User fiverr as a tool for gathering endorsements and testimonials that you can put on your blog or website.
  14. Build your reputation with the thumbs-up system on fiverr. Customers are more likely to purchase a service or product from you when it’s obvious others have been pleased with your offerings. (Don’t be illegal and offer to pay people to ―Like your ad or write a testimonial for your gigs.)
  15. Use fiverr as a network for selling your everyday business services.
  16. Use fiverr to drive traffic to your web site or blog.
  17. Use fiverr to deliver a more expensive product as a backend offer after they have purchased your initial product.
  18. Redirect them to your blog or website to receive a free product that is similar to the product you’re selling. Make sure to capture the email address before taking a buyer to your download page.
  19. Here’s a great idea. On fiverr, look at the listings where people are requesting to buy a specific product or service. Then find someone on fiverr or an alternative site to create the product for $5 or $10 and offer it for sale on fiverr. Then duplicate and repeat the process.
  20. Still don’t know what product to sell? Here’s an easy method for making fast money. When you have 30 minutes to spare, choose a category on fiverr that appeals to you. Then scroll through the ads and choose one to learn more about it.

Is the seller backlogged with orders? Then that’s a good indication that the seller’s product is in demand.

Look for other sellers advertising a similar service, and see if you can purchase that product or service in a quantity of two or three.

Then create a new ad offering one of those items. To fulfill order requests, go back to the original ad and seller to place an order.

This is somewhat of a borderline greyhat area, but the buyer will be happy, the seller will be happy, and you will have delivered a product that gets great reviews.

Just make sure that you allow for a sufficient amount of time to deliver the product, since your delivery time depends upon someone else creating the product that you will sell. (Think of it like outsourcing.)

In the future, you can contact the seller and offer a joint venture agreement. You sell more of his product, he creates it, and you both make money. The advantage, however, is that he does all the work, and you collect money. Now how cool is that?


Inside of the site, the editors search the gigs on a daily basis for those ads that provide true benefits and value for their customers.

Is Your Ad Appealing?

If your ad has an appealing image, friendly descriptions, a great title, useful keywords, and your user profile has been filled in completely, then you’re more likely to get your ad promoted. One additional factor that the editors take into consideration is the positive reviews and comments from your buyers.

Featured Listings

Fiverr provides sellers with the option of featuring their gigs on the homepage of the site and on the first page of each category listing. Like anything else of value, featured listings require a fee. However, to make your ad appear before all others in its category, you will have to decide if it’s worthwhile.

Off-Site Promotions to Your Listings

Certainly, if you do any type of off-site link promotion to your ads, your listings could quickly receive more than 100 views in one day, which would create interest for buyers searching for your service.

NOTE: allows you to create only 20 listings. Keep that in mind when you’re creating new products and services that you would like to sell.


There are always several ways of looking at any type of online sale process when it comes to generating money from a product or service. One way involves sending traffic to your listing to make sales. Another way is to build a mailing list and send out an announcement that advertises your affordable product or service on

Let’s look at several options that are easily accomplished for someone new to the world of making money online and to the intermediate Internet marketer.

Each of the categories listed below require no money to implement. All that’s needed is your time.

Let’s get started.

If you don’t already have a  twitter account, you can sign up for one, for free, at  twitter. When you create your account, choose a user name and password, and then list the URL link to your ad that you want to advertise.

In the description box about what you do, write a short statement using one or two keywords that you’ve used in your listing. Be aware that when anyone searches on Twitter for a specific keyword, you want your listing to show up.

If you already have a account, then send out several tweets a day with some curiosity-driven statement about what you’re advertising on, and then include the URL link.

You can either ask people to follow you, or you can search for gadgets on the Internet that will generate followers for you. You can also find gigs on that will do the service for you

If you already have a facebook account, you can advertise your gigs in several ways and in several places on your page.

You can write something on your wall, or on someone else’s wall, about what you’re selling. You can also list your URL link in your business and personal information section.

If you don’t have a Facebook account, you can sign up for one at  Facebook. Make sure you add a photo so people can follow you and become a fan of your page.

NOTE: For security reasons, it’s probably not a good idea to pay someone$5 to create those accounts for you, since you don’t want someone to know your login information.

Maybe you have a friend or family member who could help you set up those two accounts. Those accounts will be responsible for sending you lots of free traffic.

You can use video marketing to drive traffic to your listing. Just sign up for an account at:  YouTube

By using a WebCam on your laptop or a friend’s laptop, you can create a quick one- to three-minute introduction video that talks about the product or service you want to promote on

If you don’t have a video recorder or a WebCam on your computer, maybe a friend or family member has one and you can ask them to take a quick video of you.

If you do a search on the Internet, you will find many sites that offer free video editing software. By editing the video, you can embed the URL of your listing on and add it to the bottom of the video.

Or, if both of those options aren’t possible for you at the moment, you can create a series of slides that transition one to the next. Then those slides that contain either text, or text and images, can be compiled into a slide show presentation video. You can also upload that to

Or, you can upload your graphic image of your product or service, and then download a product such as  audacity, for free from  HERE, and record a short audio advertisement. You can upload that as well to

Creating a video and uploading it to YouTube is free. However, if you choose to spend five dollars, you could ask someone to create it for you. Then all you would have to do is open up your account on and upload your video that promotes your listing.

This gives you an additional way to drive traffic. Point them to the YouTube video, which points to your listing.

Create Free Classified Ads

There are literally thousands of free classified ads sites available on the

Internet where you could advertise your product or service that’s listed on

Here are a few sites that you might want to try that provide good results:



If you are currently a member of the warriorforum and you have a sufficient number of posts, for $40 you can create a WSO that advertises your services on

However, please note that if you have never posted a special offer in the Warrior Forum, one of their rules is that the product or service that you offer must be priced lower than what it would sell for to the general public.

What that means is you could offer one or two of your products or services for a low price. As an example of your work, the quality, or perhaps the good reviews that you’ve received from buyers, will send more people to your listing.

More traffic is what the editors at notice, which could make your listing soar to the top of the categories.


Although most autoresponder services are not free, if you already have an account with companies such as,, or, then all you have to do is write a two paragraph blurb. Talk about the amazing service or product you have just created. Ask the subscriber to view your ad on

This will also give you more page views for your listing.

Paid Autoresponder Service Companies

The prices for these autoresponder services are not listed in this report since prices do change. Please visit the site if you are looking for a paid autoresponder service. Then check out how much it will cost to set up an account on a monthly or yearly basis.

Free Autoresponder Service Companies

Listed below are three autoresponder companies that do NOT charge for their services. In addition, if you are already paying for web hosting, sometimes your web hosting company will offer free newsletter services. Those are comparable to an autoresponder service they collects email addresses for you. You may want to query them to see if this free option is available to you.

The disadvantage to using a free autoresponder service is that usually when you send out a broadcast message, or a newsletter, it will be accompanied by advertisements selected by the autoresponder company.

You just want to make sure that the advertisements would not be offensive to your target audience.

The advantage to using a free autoresponder service, however, is that it gives you a place to start when you don’t have money to spend.


Although this might take you a little bit more time than placing a free ad or sending out a broadcast or a tweet on Twitter, when you join forums and chat groups with similar interests, you can work it to your advantage in a monetary way.

Free signature backlinks —Most forums allow the members to create asignature block after they have met and exceeded the number of required posts on a particular forum. The advantage of adding a signature block is that you can advertise your product or service just by commenting and adding a post to someone else’s entry.

In addition, many forums have a classified ad section, a work-for-hire section, and a services offered section. You can place your ad in any of those categories. The more places you put your advertising guarantees you more hits to your listings.

Internet Marketing, Work from Home, and Webmaster Forums

Here’s a treasured list of forums that you might consider joining and learning from. When you post your comments inside of these forums, your free signature backlinks that point to your product or service will bring more traffic to your listings.

People in each of these forums will click on your signature links.

If you are selling a product or service that is not in this category, then just perform a search on the Internet and look for forums that specialize in your niche market. This is a webmaster forum that has more than 25,000 active members. They discuss ways to make money, build links, drive traffic, and more. They also have a marketplace where you can buy and sell domains, web sites, and your services.

  • This forum focuses on various opportunities in business, web design, paid surveys, as well as online and off-line marketers. They have many opportunities that you can ask about if you are a stay-at-home mom or dad, or even a college student who wants to pick up some quick money.
  • This is an active forum with lots of people who are new as well as experienced webmasters. They have an SEO forum and basically it’s a good place to network and learn more about online marketing and creating websites.
  • This work at home mom forum is very active. Their membership is large, helpful, and friendly. You’ll find discussions about working at home, business opportunities, selling crafts, and basic marketing programs. If there is one place where you should add signature backlinks to it would be this forum.

Just note that it’s a female forum, so if you’re not a female, well…

  •—Although this site focuses on search engine optimization, it is a great forum to gather information that you’ll need to promote and drive traffic to your listings.
  • The members in the forum talk a lot about monetizing your site, your blogs, and how to make money freelancing. A lot of newbies hang out here and they like to ask the experts questions and get answers.
  • This forum is an awesome resource when you want more information about building backlinks, PPC advertising, strategies for SEO, and anything to do with keyword research.
  • If you want to work from home, and talk to others about how to make the most money freelancing, then this is the forum for you.
  • This is a fun forum especially if you are a freelancer or wish to make money from home. The tips alone are great, and the participants in the forum could generate more business for your listings.
  • When you want to learn more about selling products and services using methods you’ve probably never heard of before, you might want to check out this site. Just be aware that if some of the information seems incomprehensible to you, ask questions. As in everything else, make sure that the methods suggested are legal.
  • When you join this forum, you will learn more about affiliate marketing and promoting products and services created by others. Even if you have created your own product or service, this forum is worthy of spending some time at every week. They show you what’s possible when you need to make some money right now.
  • Again, this is another affiliate marketing forum. They offer a wealth of knowledge about paid advertising, PPC (pay-per-click advertising), and they have a section or marketplace that allows for members to trade services and domain names.
  • Not as large as some of the other forums, this one is a general place where you can get a lot of questions answered about marketing, reselling, and dropshipping products.
  • This is one of the largest blogger forums on the Internet. It is a very active forum, and it’s a great place for exchanging links and getting and receiving guest bloggers to your blog. If you don’t already have a blog, Google would probably love it if you created a blogger blog at Then you could create your free blog and include a link to the items you’re offering at Last but not least, this web site is listed as a point of reference whenever you want to look up a product, a service, a company, or an online site to see if it is worthy or not. It isn’t an all-inclusive site, but it’s a site that you might want to visit, especially when you’re anticipating purchasing something from an online business. They have a specific Internet Scams section on their forum with an archive that contains hundreds of threads about online scams.


Every week more sites are being created that are similar to All of these sites allow you to sell your services and make unlimited amounts of money. So once you get the hang of creating a gig on this site, you might want to check out other sites that are alternatives to

A word of caution, however, is to start with one site. Add a few gigs, make your money, and get your testimonials and rankings. Then look into expanding your successes by opening accounts at the alternative sites.

The following sites are listed for your convenience, and they’re not meant to distract you from earning lots of money at Offers higher priced jobs ($5, $10 and $15), along with a 5% referral fee. Pays fast and does not require a 5-day waiting period after the order closes. Jobs earn $10, but the site produces fewer sales than You can list a job for $5 or $10. —Good visibility, and you make the full amount of the stated $7 price, but this site doesn’t produce as many orders as Offers products and services for $10 (double the price of with a good audience and services). —Offers buyers the opportunity to list their products and services for more money than many similar sites. —You can sell services between $5 and $100, which is more lucrative once you know which products and services have the potential to attract repeat sales at a higher value. A USA-based site that puts no limits on the dollar amounts you can charge for your products or services. This is a relatively new site and appears to attract sellers who have English as a second language.

After reading this guide you’re now equipped with a ton of essential knowledge to get started making money with fiverr. What’s more the information you now possess puts you ahead of 99% of other marketers out there. So use it wisely!

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