Why You Must Experience Freelancing At Least Once In Your Lifetime (A Picoworkers Review)

What Is Picoworkers And How Does It Work?

I did a Picoworkers review and in this article I will explain the ins and outs of this freelancing platform. Employers and workers globally are connected to each other from around the world through a marketplace.

Employers hire workers to complete various small jobs for them and in turn get their business promoted plus you get loads of traffic.

Jobs workers can do

  • Sign ups: blogs, websites etc.
  • Social media: likes and shares.
  • Promotion: rate and vote.
  • Forums: post, sign up.
  • Computer programs (apps): download and install.
  • Comment on blogs.
  • Write honest reviews.
  • Write an article.
  • Send leads.
  • Do surveys.

What makes Picoworkers great is that most jobs can be done in minutes making it possible to do several jobs in an hour. Some workers make $10 an hour if you work smart.

Can You Earn Money On Picoworkers?

There is no doubt that you can make money on Picoworkers straight away, but you’re not going to get rich doing small jobs and you’re still trading time for money. It is a great platform to start of on and make a little money on the side while you’re working on something else.

It is possible to earn a living using Picoworkers and earn $10 an hour working 8 hours a day giving you $80, but you have to be focussed and determined to do it day after day.

How to make money on Picoworkers


An excellent way to make money on Picoworkers is through their referral system.

If you don’t feel up to the grind of doing small jobs for 8 hours everyday then referring people to sign up to Picoworkers is a great idea.

For each job your member in your downline finish, you will earn 5%.

That sounds great, but there is something even better than that.

If you refer an employer you will be rewarded with 5% of whatever amount they deposit.

Employers usually deposit big amounts to hire lots of workers and for that you get a cut which will be more than other referrals. You can make a legit marketing business by referring companies to Picoworkers to promote their products or services. This is a great way to earn passive money, giving you time to do other things.

High Paying Jobs

You can sort jobs by highest paying so you can list the jobs paying the best and skip the rest. The most jobs paying good money is the ones where you have to install apps and rate them. Get yourself an extra smartphone and use it for these jobs.


Picoworkers introduced surveys which you can do separately and earn some money. They only appear now and then, but they are easy and quick to do.

TIP >>

Make sure you answer the questions correctly otherwise you won’t be eligible to do the survey.

The next section is for employers or people that need work done.

Picoworkers is great for employers, businesses or people that need to get work done. If you own a business, wether it’s brick and mortar or online you need all the tools you can get to promote your product or service.

There is no easier and cheaper way to market your business than using Picoworkers. You can utilize a lot of people very quickly to do load of small jobs.

Note >>

Picoworkers isn’t just for people with businesses, you can use it to promote your personal profile, get likes and shares on your posts, Instagram, YouTube etc. There is no limit to what you can do.

How To Use Picoworkers To Get Workers

Go to the Picoworkers website and sign up to get started. After you filled in all your details you will be directed to the dashboard.

Very important – Please read carefully

— Only one account per person.
— Use your real name to get paid later on.
— Your name and country cannot be changed later.
— They will verify your identity before sending your earnings.

Click on the “My Jobs” menu item to be directed to the job creation page.

On this page you can view all the jobs you created. To create a new job click on the “Small Job” link.

On This Page You Can Select The Following

  • Which countries to include or exclude to do your job.
  • Select the relevant category for your job.
  • Set the speed at which you want your job be done at.
  • Set the positions (how many people you need to do the job).


  • Give your job a title
  • Job description (tell the workers how to do the job)
  • Requirements of proof (tell the workers to send you proof of job completion)

Job creation is very easy and it’s fun to set up and see the workers completing your jobs.

If you own a business or you work as a marketing agent, Picoworkers should definitely be included in your marketing tool bag.

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