How To Invest Your Money Without Minimums And Expensive Platform Fees (EasyEquities For Easy Investment)

easyequities investing

What Is EasyEquities?

EasyEquities is a South African homegrown financial online investing platform which allows you to invest your money easy by trading and buying shares in any company you choose. They are a subsidiary of Purple Group Limited which is listed on the JSE. You can invest as little as $10 or R5 for the South African market. This platform is very easy to use and is equally for beginners and seasoned investors.

The platform is a registered financial service provider and is geared towards simplicity and accessibility. With zero broker fees this makes it a very attractive platform to grow a small investment.

Platform Fees

EasyEquities prides itself on not charging the usual fees traditional brokers do. There are no registration fees, no minimums required, nor monthly platform fees. How’s that for being ‘easy’?  

Many users and market watchers ask us how we keep the lights on. EasyEquities charges brokerage fees, which means that we take a small percentage for each transaction made. That small fee is only 0.25% of your transaction, with a one cent minimum on smaller transactions. Crazy right?  


How It Works

👉 Register Your Account Today – It’s Free

There is no contracts or monthly fees when you register and you don’t have to deposit money immediately.

sign up

All you have to do is complete your profile and details to activate your account to start investing your money easy.

You will get these accounts after your register with EasyEquities.

  • ZAR-Account: Normal transactional savings account.
  • ZAR-Tax-free savings account: TFSA zero taxable account.
  • RA-Retirement annuity account: Tax efficient account for retirement.
  • USD-Account: United States account to buy foreign shares. (👍 Amazon, Tesla, etc)
  • AUD-Account: Australian account which give you exposure to Australian companies.
user details
Your details to register

👉 FICA Your Account

Once you signed up you need to Fica your personal details with your ID and proof of address. This is the law and everyone must do it.


  • ID.
  • Proof of address, utility bill or bank letter with your name and address on it.

👉 Ways To Invest

Once your account is setup you can deposit money into your main account and start building your portfolio.

different ways to invest

International And Local Stocks (shares)

You can invest offshore in different economic conditions to offset the ups and downs of markets around the world. Many people in South Africa are worried about the unstable economic situation in South Africa. Experts are advising on having some of your portfolio (investments) offshore.

With EasyEquities this process is very easy and you can set this up today so that your investment gets the maximum amount of international exposure and invest your money easy.

invest in companies

Experienced Users

If you are an experience investor choosing your own stocks should be straightforward and fast on EasyEquities.

So how does fractional shares really work when you buy it using EasyEquities and what do you get for your money? Check out this video.

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs – Perfect for beginners)

ETFs are a collection of stocks, commodities and bonds and is traded on the stock exchange (JSE). ETFs is the epitome of diversification and how to invest money wisely by owning many stocks and bonds in one package. The alternative would be to pick the different stocks yourself.

This is the perfect starting point for beginner investors that want to play it safe and still get a good return.

Retirement Annuity (RA)

Retirement annuities (RA) is basically a retirement fund like pension funds. An RA is a personal fund where you are the contributor and not your work. RA’s have tax benefits and it teaches you to safe for the future. It is a long term investment where the goal is to have that money available when you retire.

Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA is a tax haven)

As a South African you will get a Tax Free Savings Account when you sign up for an EasyEquities account.

A TFSA is a savings account where you don’t get taxed on the money you make from your investments. You can put your ETFs baskets or bundles in your TFSA. A total limit of R33 000 a year or R500 000 lifetime can be invested into your TFSA.

Advised Portfolios (Robot tells you how to invest)

EasyEquities has a robo portfolio advisor where everything is automated. It can advise you on how to invest and give you a projection on the growth of your portfolio.

Robo advisors are on the rise and becoming very popular. Gone are the days where the only option you had to get advice was to make a phone call or physically go see an investment advisor charging you insane fees.

robo portfolio advisor

Investing shouldn’t be complicated and only for the super rich. We live in an era where information is freely available and do it yourself is more preferable by the younger generation.

Get on this today so that you can give your money a chance to grow.

Exciting New Product (Property Investment Made For The Average Joe)

EasyEquities has launched a new product where you can invest in property and earn a monthly rental income. So it depends on how much you invest in a particular property will determine how much rental income you will get. Sounds pretty great to me.

easy properties
Scroll through properties you like
easy properties platform

👉 If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below so we can assist you. Have a great Investing day. 🤩

investing questions

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