EasyProperties Explained (5 FAQ’s)

💡 What is EasyProperties?

EasyProperties enables you to invest in fractional property shares. It allows investors of all levels to get exposure to properties that they can pick themselves. This method of investments were only available to wealthy individuals. You basically own shares in the holding company of that specific property.

fractional property shares
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💡 Is there a minimum investment to invest with EasyProperties?

No. You can invest as little or as much as you want. That is why this platform is perfect for inexperience or beginner investors, your average Joe and Jane.

average joe investment

💡 Can I re-invest my rental dividends?

Definitely. When you reinvest the rental income (dividend) you make use of the power of compound interest.

reinvest dividends

💡 Who owns the properties?

The investors owns the properties. Holding companies are being created for each property purchased. You the investor will own shares in the holding company.

owner investment

💡 Who pays for maintenance on the property?

EasyProperties will raise like 1% of the purchase price per year to cover any repair costs.

At the end of the investment term any funds left over that has not been used for maintenance and repairs will be distributed to investors.

property maintenance

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John Crestani The Multimillion-Dollar Affiliate Marketer (Insight To His Methods)

john crestani
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Who Is John Crestani?

John Crestani is an internationally-renowned expert in affiliate marketing.

In just a couple of years, John Crestani has left his corporate job to build an affiliate marketing empire. He now wants to give back after reaching the pinnacle in the affiliate marketing space and teach aspiring marketers to get a piece of the action.

You can join him in his training to start creating the life you always dreamed about.

JC’s free training


Free blueprint

Some of John’s students at a seminar that successfully implemented his system.

JC explains making money online

80% Of business fails in today’s era and starting a business and maintaining it is hard. The point John Crestani wants you to get is when you decide to do affiliate marketing and turning it into a business is to have 100 % focus on the one thing you’re doing. Do not jump around from one shiny object to another. This course will teach you how it works, but it can’t teach you the focus and dedication you will need to see this through.

What is the Super Affiliate System all about?

Below is the core of the Super Affiliate System.

  • How his marketing funnel works
  • How to attract customers online
  • How to write converting ads
  • Video marketing training
  • How to copywrite to attract leads
  • You will be provided a template for you to start with, so you can get results like he has
Credit | John with his students

Interview with John Crestani

Check out the interview with John on Fox here.

Stop by John Crestani

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