OnePlan Medical Insurance (R380 pm And Benefits Review)

In one minute you can get health insurance which includes private hospital cover, doctor visits, emergency cover, maternity cover, dental cover, pet insurance and a 24/7 dedicated helpline. Best is you can manage all of this with your OnePlan App on your phone, no calls or wait time.

oneplan benefits

Why Us

At Oneplan, we do insurance differently. It’s real insurance for real people. It’s pet insurance that pays you before you see the vet. Health insurance that offers day-to-day benefits as well as hospital cover. Household and car insurance that lets you have total control over how much insurance you want at the price you can afford, you can even turn your cover on and off whenever you want.

We believe in being upfront and honest, it’s why we give you complete access to your policy through the smart Oneplan App. Add items you wanted insured, chat to a qualified nurse or a friendly team member for any questions you have and load claims all through the app. The best part? It only takes one minute to get insured with us.

OnePlan Team

I had no more worries about how I am covered and how to claim when I joined OnePlan. It’s basically done on the app with a few clicks and your done. I can chat with a person on the app if I don’t understand something or ask them to help me through a process.

oneplan cover happy

What Are The Benefits I Will Get From OnePlan Health Insurance?

  • You benefit form health cover at fixed prices
  • Personal accident risk cover included
  • Death and/or funeral cover may be included
  • No lengthy waiting periods, money is paid directly to the insured
  • You get a OneCard that you can use to pay for medical bills

Plan Comparison

oneplan comparison

Download the brochure here: Plan brochure

If you’re interested in joining OnePlan or want more information click on the link below.

OnePlan Medical Insurance

oneplan health insurance

Pet Insurance

Plans start from as little as R60 pm for accident cover to full plans that covers visits to vets, illness, kennel fees etc.

OnePlan Pet Insurance

oneplan pet insurance

Car And Household Insurance

The easiest cover for your car

  • No vehicle inspections – simply snap a pic and upload it to the app
  • Adjustable cover – Cover as much as you can afford with our flexible cover slider
  • Instant and easy claims

OnePlan Car And Household Insurance

oneplan car and household insurance

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