4 Methods On How To Get Loads Of Traffic In 2020

In this post I will show you how to get traffic for your blog or website

These 4 methods are being used by pro bloggers and article writers in the industry to quickly drive loads of traffic to their content.

Let’s get started:

  • Pull existing traffic of other blogs.
  • Content promotion.
  • Post on forums.
  • Professional fiverr gigs

1. Find And Pull Method

This is perhaps one of the easiest ways to bring traffic to your blog. All you have to do is find popular blogs in your niche and bring the already existing traffic back to your blog. Sounds easy right? Well if you know how, it kind of is.

For this method to work, you need to find out about relevant posts on high traffic blogs in your niche as soon as they are published. You can solve this problem using Google Alerts, which is a free Google service that sends you emails on new content across the web that may be of interest to you.

google alerts

Set up Google Alerts so that it sends you an email as soon as a popular blogger writes an article very closely related to a post you have previously published (We will get into how to set it up soon).

For the second step go to the post as soon as it is published, actually read it, and write out a relevant and helpful comment after the post but instead of linking your name to your blog’s homepage, link to your post on related content. This way when they click through, they are immediately on a highly relevant page that they are interested in.

And because they read your comment, which was useful and unique, they already think of you as an authority.

Here is how you set up Google Alerts. Where it says search query, type in a term related to one of your posts that you want to bring traffic to.

  • Set sources to blogs
  • How often to once a day
  • How many to only the best results. These settings will make sure that you only get relevant posts from popular blogs. If you don’t mind getting a lot of emails you can even set the How many setting to All results, which will give you a higher chance of getting there before anyone comments.
google alerts

2. Viral Content Buzz Community

Viral Content Buzz is a place where you can earn points for sharing other people’s content and use those very points to get other people to share your content. Yes, I realize this post isn’t supposed to have social media related methods for getting traffic, but Viral Content Buzz doesn’t really have to do as much with social media as it has to do with showing your content to a community.

On some level it’s nothing more than a place where competent people from different niches gather to share quality content.

viral content bee

Now, if you happen to like something shared by someone, you can help them out and Tweet it or Like it on Facebook. The more you participate in the community and share other people’s content, the more exposure you can get for your content.

Viral Content Buzz thoroughly checks your social media profiles to makes sure that your Facebook and Twitter profiles that you are using to promote other people’s content are real profiles with real followers and plenty of activity.

This makes sure that none of the people joining the community are looking to take advantage of it. Because these are real people with real followings that are genuinely sharing your content, you get a lot of visibility and traffic.

3. Use The Intro Method To Get Massive Forum Traffic

Using Forums to drive traffic is pretty well known. It’s also one of the easiest way to send traffic to your site. Here is how you use forums to send massive traffic. This method was originally talked by Diggy at ProBlogger in much more detail.

Go to a forum you participate in regularly and simply start a new thread mentioning your newest post

4. Use a Fiverr Gig (Fastest method to get traffic)

Web traffic is a commodity that can be purchased at stores” This was a statement made by a very successful online entrepreneur, Ryan Diess. Why am I mentioning this? Because which store you buy the traffic from entirely depends upon you. No traffic is bad but how that traffic converts is what is important.

fiverr gigs

At fiverr most gigs are priced at $5.00. So I am assuming you are planning to buy x number of visitors for $5.00.

Check out this post on how to audit your fiverr gig if you’re interested in setting up a gig to sell pdf guides on fiverr.

Now what is important is where you are driving this traffic to and how you are going to utilizing it. Assuming you are driving this traffic to a landing page which has a good, high converting lead magnet with a conversion rate of about 20%.

landing page

So if you bought 100 visitors for $5.00 and about 2 converts into subscribers, that’s about $2.50 per subscriber which is about the same as it costs with FB traffic. ​I have used Fiverr traffic gigs with great success and have built subscriber lists at about $1.00 per subscriber. The rest is done with my auto responder series, which engages them and makes money. Test the traffic with a reasonably good converting landing page and see how it converts. If you get a good ROI, continue to use it, else discard it.

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