Why Afrihost Is The Leading Internet Service Provider In South Africa (Their Best Features Review)

Who Is Afrihost?

Afrihost is a broadband, web hosting and telecoms internet service provider in South Africa.

Struggling To Find The Sweet Spot ISP (O Keh, come back tomorrow)

I struggled with my internet for years when I jumped around from ISP to ISP. I always had intermittent connection -ran out of data (capped package), slow speeds at peak times, it goes on and on. With Afrihost is have less of these issues and the customer service can actually speak English.

Afrihost does the following without locking you down in a contract and no credit checks either.

  • Fibre‑to‑the‑Home
  • Fixed wireless LTE
  • ADSL
  • VDSL
  • Mobile voice
  • Mobile data
  • Web hosting
  • Cloud services
  • Domains and more

Not 100% Satisfied Are You

If you’re not satisfied with their service within 60 days you get double your money back. That means you get the money back that you paid up to that point x2.

The Bosses

The company was formed in August 2000 by Gian Visser, Brendan Armstrong and Peter Meintjes. Three guys that believe they can bring a better product to clients and provide a more personal service that is free of the normal corporate shackles.

Obligations And Promises

They Have Some Awards Too

Credit | Award 2018


ADSL Uncap Packages (Download 100s of GIGs a month)

Because of the fiber rollout ADSL prices have come down hugely. You can get connected today on a 2 meg line uncap (unlimited data) for only R87 and for a 10 meg line R317. Checkout the offers they have here.

Alternative ISP Wonderland

I have been with Vox Telecoms and MWeb and I couldn’t find the sweet spot of internet service. Before writing this post I went to Vox’s site to check things out. I wanted to compare the fiber prices, but there was no link to the product page with the prices on. It’s terrible. I did a search for fiber availability in my area on MWeb’s site and it told me there is none. I have fiber already from Afrihost in this location.

Afrihost has some great deals today on all ADSL packages!

Three Blind Mice

Because they are a hosting company they understand how important it is to have broadband speed. There is something to say about three guys starting an ISP in their parents house and winning ISP of the year regularly.

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