5 Critical Steps On How To Use Fiverr

  1. A seller creates a unique gig (service).
  2. A buyer search for a gig and order it.
  3. The seller start work on the order.
  4. The seller finishes the order and sends the work to the buyer.

So how does the platform work anyway? It works by connecting a buyer – who needs a service and/or product – and a seller – who provides a service and/or a product.

Let’s explain that in detail with an example.

A buyer, let’s call him Ken wants to hire a web designer for his new website.

Fiverr is his choice among all the other freelancing platforms. Ken completes his Fiverr buyer sign up process and does a quick search for a web designer.

fiverr sign up

The search brings up sellers – Jon, Angela, and, Peter – that included Ken’s searched keyword in their gigs.

fiverr gig search

Ken decided to buy from Jon. Ken is an experienced business owner, he knows what to look for, so he fills out the order form and instruct Jon on the specifications that he needs.

He completes the form makes the payment of $5 and waits for Jon. The fund is deposited with Fiverr.

Fiverr sends Jon a message. “You have a new order”.

He views the order and the amount, but he doesn’t have access to the funds yet. He can only access the money three weeks (21 days) after he delivers the order.

When Ken is satisfied that Jon delivered as promised he confirms delivery.

Jon receives another notification which confirms his earnings, see image below.

Both Jon and Ken are happy campers and will probably work together again.

Step by Step Process

  1. A buyer orders a service from a seller and pays the amount of $5 (a fiverr).

As a buyer you should check the sellers experience, response time, gig description and comments. If it gives you a picture of professionality then you should be good to buy.

fiverr gig

2. Fiverr holds the money in their account. The seller can’t access the money yet.

When a buyer pays for a gig, fiverr will hold that money until the order is marked as complete by the seller and accepted and marked as complete by the buyer. The seller won’t run the risk of buyers not paying for the gig and the buyer won’t lose his money if the order is not delivered.

fiverr money

3. The seller gets a message from fiverr that he received an order.

“You have a new order”

4. The seller start working on the order.

fiverr order

5. The order has to be completed in the time the seller specified in his gig.

The seller must complete the order within the delivery time, if he can’t manage to finish in time he can ask the buyer to give him an extension. It’s good practice not to take on more than you can handle.

fiverr gig packages

6. The seller finish the order and mark it as complete.

Try to finish the order ahead of time if you can to impress the buyer. Over deliver.

7. The buyer will receive a message from fiverr stating that the order is complete and ready for review.

As the buyer you should give a 5 star review to the seller if the work you was done correctly. If there is an issue with the work you should contact the seller first and try to resolve it. 5 Star ratings are very important in fiverr and anything less than 5 stars will severely impact a sellers sales.

fiverr comments

10. The amount of $5 minus Fiverr’s commission will be released to the seller after the buyer is satisfied with the work and mark it as complete.

And that’s it, quick and easy, but it’s critical to follow these steps to have a awesome and smooth experience on fiverr.

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